chicago band and orchestra clinicBand & Orchestra Clinics in Chicago

American Youth Symphony Orchestra’s Free Band and Orchestra Clinics offered to Chicago and suburban public and private schools, where we bring the transformative power of music education directly to the students. Our free clinics and masterclasses are designed to enrich students’ musical experiences, inspire creativity, and cultivate a lifelong love of music. Let us introduce you to our educational initiatives and the impact they have on the students and schools we serve. If you would also like to couple a Clinic or Masterclass with an Onsite Audition for AYSO’s Youth Orchestra or Chamber Music Program, you can register here… Onsite Auditions.

AYSO Band and Orchestra Clinics

Our Band and Orchestra Clinics in Chicago and surrounding suburbs are part of the American Youth Symphony Orchestra’s commitment to providing accessible and high-quality music education to students across Chicago. Through these clinics, we aim to supplement school music programs, enhance students’ musical skills, and foster a deeper appreciation for classical and orchestral music.

What AYSO Offer

Our free clinics and masterclasses cover a wide range of musical topics and skills, including instrumental technique, ensemble playing, music theory, and performance practice. Led by experienced musicians and educators from the American Youth Symphony Orchestra, our sessions are interactive, engaging, and tailored to meet the needs of students at various skill levels.

Benefits for Schools

Participating schools benefit from our Band and Orchestra Clinics in several ways. Our clinics provide students with valuable opportunities for hands-on learning and musical growth, supplementing the curriculum and enhancing the overall music education experience. Additionally, our clinics help to strengthen school music programs, build community partnerships, and raise awareness of the importance of music education in schools.

How to Participate

Participation in our Band and Orchestra Clinics is free of charge and open to Chicago public and private schools. Schools can request a clinic or masterclass by completing the form below. We will work with schools to schedule a convenient date and time for the clinic and tailor the content to meet the specific needs and interests of the students.

Join AYSO in Enriching Students’ Musical Experiences

AYSO is proud to partner with Chicago and suburban schools to provide free band and orchestra clinics that inspire and empower young musicians. Together, we can continue to foster a love of music, develop musical talent, and enrich the lives of students through the power of music education.

Clinic Objectives

  • Leading exercises in good/great musicianship and communication
  • Sectionals – learning how to achieve a cohesive sound 
  • Students learn how to use collaborative skills in playing alongside band/orchestra members
  • Offering advice for improved listening skills and leadership within sections
  • Program Length – 1 hour

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