AYSO Scholarships

American Youth Symphony Orchestra’s (AYSO) Scholarships, where we are committed to nurturing and supporting the next generation of musical talent in Chicago. AYSO merit and financial aid scholarships provide talented young musicians with access to high-quality music education and performance opportunities, regardless of their financial circumstances. Let us introduce you to our scholarship program and the impact it has on the students and families we serve.

About AYSO Scholarships

The American Youth Symphony Orchestra’s Scholarship Program is designed to recognize and reward outstanding musical talent while promoting diversity, equity, and access in music education. Our scholarships are awarded based on merit and financial need, ensuring that all young musicians have the opportunity to pursue their passion for music and reach their full potential.

Types of Scholarships

We offer two types of scholarships: merit scholarships and financial aid scholarships. Merit scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional musical talent, dedication, and potential. Financial aid scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and may not otherwise have access to music education and performance opportunities.

AYSO merit scholarships are available to students 7-18yrs old on all orchestral instruments that exhibit exceptional talent and potential on their instrument. Merit scholarships are based on the student’s Merit Audition Video performance and are at the discretion of AYSO, with varying results from year to year. Merit scholarship students have two juries per year for review. All scholarship students need to apply and audition every subsequent year. Subsequent-year scholarships will be assessed by the level of improvement, and future income streams and confirmed on an annual basis. To apply for the AYSO Merit Scholarship, students must complete the online form & submit their merit audition video on or before the May 31st deadline. All applications take approximately 2-6 weeks to process after the May 31st deadline.

AYSO offers need-base financial aid to students 7-18 years old, for all orchestral instruments. To apply for financial aid, students must complete the online form with all applicable documents submitted on or before the May 31st deadline. All applications take approximately 2-6 weeks to process after the May 31st deadline. 

Benefits of AYSO Scholarships

Our scholarships provide students with access to a range of benefits, including free or subsidized tuition for orchestral membership, masterclasses, and other educational opportunities. Additionally, scholarship recipients have the opportunity to perform in AYSO concerts, collaborate with talented peers and mentors, and gain valuable experience and exposure in the music industry.

How to Apply

Students interested in applying for AYSO scholarships, click here… Merit Scholarship | Financial Aid. Applicants will be required to submit a completed application form, along with supporting materials such as audition recordings, or financial documentation by deadline of May 31st. Our scholarship committee carefully reviews all applications and selects recipients based on merit, potential, or financial need.

Join AYSO in Supporting Musical Talent

The American Youth Symphony Orchestra is dedicated to providing talented young musicians with the support and resources they need to pursue their dreams and succeed in music. Our scholarship program is made possible through the generous support of donors, sponsors, and community partners who share our commitment to excellence and accessibility in music education.

AYSO Scholarships