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Here at Chicago Youth Orchestra, we believe in helping young people shine. We believe that we are a catalyst for awakening talent, nurturing confidence, and laying the foundation for a lifetime of endeavor and achievement.

AYSO could not do what we do without the generous support and contributions from individuals like you. In order to continue pursuing artistic excellence, AYSO relies on donations to allow us to provide the high-quality musicianship and leadership skills young artists will need to excel. These charitable gifts play a vital role in helping AYSO achieve its highly ambitious goals. Your contributions help with the direct costs of the orchestra, scholarships, and financial aid.

Every donation counts and no amount is too small. We deeply appreciate anything you can give. Please consider making a donation today so AYSO can continue to grow in the years to come.

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  • discover the best young musicians
  • train them to reach new heights
  • inspire them to pursue artistic excellence

We achieve this by providing a great orchestral training program. Our training pathway nurtures development at all stages – from emerging school-aged students to those on the verge of a professional career.

We believe that talent should be the key requirement for entry into an ASYO program, where we would be able to offer scholarships and financial assistance to students who may otherwise be unable to participate.

Students and families generate a portion of the funding that is needed to operate AYSO, which is why we seek to raise the remaining balance through the generosity of individuals and organizations, to guarantee the continuity and quality of our unique training programs and performances.

How to Give