Benefits of Joining a Youth Symphony Orchestra

Music studies have been proven to enhance academic performance, teamwork skills, and cognitive ability in children. They learn to set objectives, work toward them, and enjoy the fruit of their labor. It imparts upon them precious life skills and experiences that allow them to gain the upper hand in their studies, professional careers, and future lives.

Aside from being fun, there are numerous other advantages of joining a youth symphony orchestra, some of which are listed below. 

Improve Social Skills

One of the most significant benefits is the valuable connections your child establishes with other students. This social skill development occurs as each student makes new friendships with the other players of the orchestra. Some of these interactions could even lead to lifelong friendships. 

Improve Cognitive Skills

Learning to read music and manipulating an orchestra instrument to produce the sounds you want it to produce improves eye-hand coordination as well as cognitive skills. Your child will learn to be more focused and have greater visual awareness. It has been proven through various studies that children who participate in their school’s orchestra perform better in other areas of study, such as arithmetic and reading. It also allows students to expand their imagination, which opens other various avenues throughout their lives, such as in the arts, sciences, or business.

Learn To Work as a Team

When your youth joins an orchestra, they become a fundamental part of a team with certain goals. They learn that by doing their part, they contribute to a larger goal of composing a symphony and that their team relies on their skills, and without them, they might fail. This also creates a sense of duty that they might apply to their future employment and family interactions, as well as their education.

Learn New Experiences

Along with playing in their school’s auditoriums, youth orchestras also get to perform for their local communities. They may also get chosen to perform in high-ranking competitions that take place in the global community. This will allow them to gain new experiences as they see the world before them and overcome adversaries such as stage fright and the fear of playing music publicly without judgment. These skills are a huge help when children transition to professional life. 

Create A Sense of Responsibility

Being an orchestral student obligates children to care for their instruments. Orchestral instruments are among the most delicate. From the beginning, they need to learn how to respect and care for their instrument and keep it in good clean playing condition. It also teaches them learning opportunities to overcome challenges as they move from novice orchestra student to skilled developing musician. The devotion required to master an instrument carries over and helps them cope with their studies and future life issues.


Joining a youth symphony orchestra has great benefits for children. It helps youth develop instrument proficiency and gain valuable skills such as listening to others, accepting instruction, and operating as a team. These skills can then be transferred to other aspects, such as academics and work.


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